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From Hong Kong

Yumthé was founded in Hong Kong in 1948. In 2009, it became the only tea factory in Hong Kong with both EU certified organic and fair trade tea plants.

Bit by bit, we step by step, from nothing to nothing, over 70 years .


We are careful not to destroy the uniqueness of each natural ingredient,

Each health element is carefully formulated into each herbal tea in your hand.


Fair trade tea

Yumthé chose to use Fair Trade tea plantations and cooperatives that produce Fair Trade tea,

Fairly source our herbal teas.

We protect our environment by purchasing raw materials from Fair Trade farms and paying fair trade maintenance fees , and we are constantly working to understand and assist in solving the challenges faced by producers in the local area.


We value relationships with the development community,

Every purchase you make to Yumthé

They all contributed to the farmers.


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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