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brand introduction

Yumthé means "drinking tea for health". You can enjoy the health benefits of tea while taking a good sip of tea. Yumthé was founded in 1948 by the herbal medicine family. It is a family of three generations of tea. With more than half a century of tea making experience, Yumthé is committed to the development of a new group of health teas that shake the soul. At the same time, we strive to promote fair consumption and take the mission of promoting the sustainable cycle of nature.


Yumthé's tea tasters have traveled all over the world, collecting hundreds of different natural herbal teas, and carefully formulating various health tea products with different flavors. Yumthé combines Chinese and Western natural functional tea, which combines traditional Chinese tea and western herbs, which will impact your taste buds and bring you health. With the turn of the times, tea tasting should no longer be a traditional activity with a sense of distance, but should be a life attitude of modern people in pursuit of health and contribution to society. "Cultivating tea" not only provides a cup of delicious tea, but also provides health to everyone who drinks tea.


A commitment to tea quality ...

Hong Kong, which has just ended the chaos of World War II, has different tea quality. In order to insist on bringing the best tea to customers, insist on providing the most natural herbs, and let customers drink tea with peace of mind, in 1948 Established a tea factory.


As time goes by, the founders started looking for the best and healthiest herbs and teas around the world ...

Yumthé was founded by the third generation of the tea family from Taiwan. Yumthé means "drink tea for health". We search for the best, healthy and savory tea for tea lovers directly from Chashan. Since the family passed on tea from generation to generation, making tea from generation to generation, she firmly believed that "medicine and food are of the same origin and there is medicine in tea." Therefore, she began to study tea products, hoping to combine traditional Chinese tea with western flowers and plants to achieve a combination of Chinese and Western, and also can be effective for health.


After three generations, our factory finally succeeded in achieving the standard and was certified organic in 2009, becoming the first organic tea factory in Hong Kong.


We are proud of our corporate mission of sustainable development ...


Yumthé is proud to be a Fair Trade Partner. Fair trade allows tea farmers to take good care of tea gardens, protect the natural environment, and provide you with the best herbal tea products.


"Medical and food are the same, there is medicine in tea" Yumthé combines health tea treatment with beautiful life, respects the ecological balance of nature, and cares about ecological environment protection. As a result, our factory was certified Fairtrade Organic in 2014. While establishing a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, we also hope that farmers can have a good life. Therefore, we insist on using natural, organic, and fair trade herbs and teas. We are committed to promoting food health and safety, while striving to promote fair consumption, and promote large-scale consumption. Natural Perpetual Cycle is the mission.


When Yumthé started her tea journey ...

Today, we uphold the founder's philosophy. Yumthé tea tasters travel around the world every year to find the best, natural herbs and teas, and try to mix different herbs and teas to make each cup of Yumthé tea unique. Yumthé's Organic Functional Health Tea blends traditional Chinese tea with Western herbs to inspire people to learn more about the benefits of drinking tea. Yumthé is convinced that tea tasting is no longer a distant tradition. Tea tasting should be a modern way of life, providing important values of health and contributing to society in this prosperous world.

Each of Yumthé's priceless tea products reinterprets healthy tea and insistence on quality.

Yumthé is with you, little by little, warming the world.


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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