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Why choose Fair Trade?

1. Fair trade representatives pay farmers and producers fair wages and provide a fair working environment.
Yumthé ensures that farmers work in a fair working environment. The products come from a safe and healthy environment, so that farmers and producers can get reasonable returns.


2. Fair trade is better for the environment.
Yumthé maintains a clear manufacturing process record and supports sustainable development to minimize our environmental damage.


3. Fair trade represents high-quality products.
Yumthé insists on providing the highest quality health products to our customers. We pay great attention to details and are proud to be a fair trade partner.

4. Yumthé and Fair Trade provide better flavored products.
Farmers participate and invest in the entire production process. Organic and fair trade crops are grown and harvested in small quantities with a traceable record. Therefore, Yumthé has some confidence in our fresh and healthy tea products.


5. Fair trade is safe and secure.
Yumthé and Flocert are actively promoting integrated farm management systems, improving soil fertility and protecting valuable ecosystems, and restricting the use of harmful agricultural chemicals that can harm farmers' health.

6. Fair trade provides support for building communities and regional economies.
Yumthé and Flocert support communities through a cooperative structure where Fair Trade craftsmen and small farmers can invest Fair Trade income in their communities, improving housing, healthcare and school issues. In addition, trade profits can remain in the farmer community and serve as their business.


7. Fair trade ensures confidence in food safety.
Fair trade is what trade farmers can rely on. Fair Trade is committed to strengthening direct partnerships between buyers and producers. These partnerships facilitate buyers, provide them with a way to buy quality products, and provide farmers, artisans and their families with sustainable and reliable ways to improve their lives.


8. Every Fair Trade product you buy is carefully selected and reviewed, which is very important to every member of the supply chain.
By choosing fair trade products, our customers are not only exposed to high-quality products, but also the warmth of customers and Yumthé can contribute to changing the world.


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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