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Terms of Service is owned and operated by Yangyang Tea. Any terms of use for also apply to Yangyang Tea, its employees and its agents.
In order to give you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, we set out the following terms of use to make you more aware of our expectations of both parties. Please note that when you visit any of the webpages of raising tea, you accept and abide by these terms. We also encourage you to read our privacy policy statement carefully.


All content related to on this site, including articles, images, logos, buttons, images, sound clips, digital downloads, data editing, and software are or its content providers The property is protected by Hong Kong and international copyright laws. All content compilations on this website related to are the exclusive property of Tea Breeding and are protected by Hong Kong and international copyright industries and any applicable intellectual property laws. All software used at is the property of or its providers and is protected by the Hong Kong and International Copyright Industries Associations and any applicable intellectual property laws.


2. Trademarks and service marks is displayed on this website. Tea-related logos are trademarks of Yangcha or its affiliates. Other images, logos, top pages, buttons, articles, and service names are Trademark or trade dress of tea raising or its affiliates. The trademark and trade dress of may not be used for related purposes of any products or services that are not part of, or may not be used in any way that may cause customer confusion, or may not be used in any way. Use of methods that devalue or damage the reputation of Any other trademarks, company names, product names, and / or logos listed on this website, including any products or related to them, are the property of their respective owners. does not claim to own these trademarks, and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or otherwise related to or associated with these companies.


3. Website use
This website is currently only used to provide online information and as a shopping medium. All content on the site is not used for any commercial purpose (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, sale, playback, distribution, republishing, rewriting, or retransmission in the same format or technology). The information and communication content of this website can only be used in legitimate ways. All materials that violate (any harmful and intimidating) terms of this website must not be posted and transmitted. reserves the right (but has no obligation and responsibility) to prohibit it. And remove this data.


4. Product ownership, import documents and fees
When ships the product, the ownership and risk of loss of the product will be transferred from to you. will deliver the product upon your request. If the product is shipped to a region or country outside Hong Kong, you may need to pay surcharges, taxes, or register or apply for an import license with the product at the destination or transshipment place. These charges and application for documents are subject to shipping. Depending on the laws of the destination, cannot control or predict the amount of such charges, and will not be held liable for any such payments or documents. If the product is detained by the relevant authorities of the destination and the place of operation during transportation, you will bear the corresponding losses yourself, and will not bear any responsibility for it. If you complete the relevant ordering process, you accept the terms and are responsible for all surcharges, taxes or import documents for shipping the ordered products. If the final product is returned, the ownership of the product will return to, and will charge 25% of the total product to cover the loss of shipping costs.


5. Disclaimer
This website and its content are provided on the basis of existing information. Under the circumstances to the maximum extent permitted by current laws, expressly does not provide any express or implied warranty (except for regulations already implied by applicable laws), including but not limited to ownership of any product, commercial sale Quality, quality assurance, applicability for specific purposes, and rights that do not infringe on third parties. does not guarantee that the information content, information, products and / or services provided on this site will meet your requirements, nor does it guarantee that such information content, information, products and / or services will be used and obtained without interference, Prompt delivery, safe and reliable or free from errors. does not guarantee that the results, information, products, and / or services provided by this website are correct, reliable, complete or timely. also does not guarantee that any errors in software and hardware will be corrected. does not make any guarantees about any products and services purchased or obtained through or through this website. only provides a platform for online shopping, so does not provide content, information, products and / or through the use of this website, or because it contains or otherwise through this website Direct, indirect, accidental, derivative and punitive damages (including pecuniary benefits and intangible losses) and legal liability for any loss caused by the service or the purchase and use of products purchased online. Before purchasing products from, please carefully read the product information, usage and precautions provided by the manufacturer, owner or seller on the product or in the package. will not deal with these manufacturers, The information provided by the owner or seller or the relevant information quoted or reproduced at is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the applicability, quality and reliability of a particular use. You should request it at Analyze this information carefully before use. Although has done its best to display the true appearance and color of the product, we cannot guarantee that your computer can accurately display it.


6. Compensation and Limitation of Liability
When you use, you agree that incurs losses due to your violation of the terms of the order or any action, and compensates and compensates for losses, expenses, damages and costs (including Reasonable legal fees). I also agree that will not bear any legal responsibility for your losses caused by using this website, and also agree to waive any compensation for If this statement does not apply to individual examples,'s liability will not exceed the amount you pay for products or services purchased on this site.
Our privacy policy When using, you consent to our use of your data for the purposes specified in our privacy policy.


7. Stop using has the right to suspend or terminate anyone's access to all or part of the webpage of this website without any prior notice when we find any harm to, a third party or violation of law .


8. Messages and notices
Messages or notices will be sent to you via email, web posting and post. You can also send us the notice by email and post. Our email address is ﹕, and the mailing address is: Room J2, 8th Floor, Wanzhaofeng Center, 133 Haibin Road, Ngau Tau Kok


9. Modification of Terms
Yang Tea reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use (including the ordering terms in the support) without any notice if necessary. So before you shop on this website, please read the terms of use and ordering terms in detail.


10. Legal supervision
These Terms of Use (including the subscription terms in the support) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. You agree that the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall have exclusive trials on any dispute and recovery of the terms of use and subscription terms. right. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English content (including all privacy policies and terms of use) on the website, the Chinese version shall prevail.


11. Health Information
This website provides some health-related information and information, and visitors and users must bear the risk of using this website.
All content and information contained on this website are for general reference only, and under no circumstances should these content and information replace the professional advice of a doctor. This website has made every effort to ensure the accuracy, reliability, completeness and security of the content and information, but does not make any explicit or implicit statements, guarantee or guarantee that all content and information are correct, so no omissions, errors or No liability is assumed for the infringing nature.
It is the responsibility of the viewers and users to evaluate the accuracy, appropriateness, reliability and security of the content and information on this website, and it is advisable to verify it. Never use or abuse such content and information for diagnosis or treatment for themselves or others; If you have any questions, you should consult and seek assistance from a professional doctor as soon as possible. This site is not responsible for how the information on the site will be used, or for the consequences or losses of misunderstanding or misuse.
In addition, this website will not bear any responsibility for the failure, damage or accident caused by browsing or using this website, or other problems related to computer hardware, software, interference, viruses and so on.
This website reserves the right and use its absolute discretion, without prior notice or any reason, to add, delete, update or change the content and materials, functions or display methods on the website, or suspend operation or close this website.

Terms of use updated: March 2017


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