Welcome to our occasional events and market news

2017 Natural Organic Products Asia

In September 2017, we are honored to participate in the Asian Healthy Organic Products Expo with the only organic and fair trade tea factory in Hong Kong to share our experience in the tea industry and the healthy beverage market.




2019 Taste of HongKong

In March 2019, we participated in the Central Food Show, bringing Yumthé's spirit-enriched spirit-No.8 fitness tea to the taste buds of Chinese and foreign gourmets. This is the first step for Yumthé to face the world


2019 IRIS: Esacpe your live

In April 2019, we participated in the Central Health Yoga Show. The main purpose pursued by IRIS-health and Yumthé's philosophy are completely consistent. Sincerely, we have brought a new summer product-honey aloe ice tea, which originally stood out from the customer's standpoint and introduced new ones, and customers will also favor you sweetly


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