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Privacy policy

Policy outline
Tea Pledge promises to protect your privacy rights in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and hereby outlines the normal procedures for the collection, storage, use and transmission of your personal data, and ensures that Strict compliance with standards related to security and confidentiality.


2. Personal information
Anyone who conducts online shopping, visits tea-raising shopping, makes phone calls through the Customer Service Department, or performs other services through the "Official Website" ( of Yangtze Tea must refer to Tea Breeding provides accurate, authentic, valid and complete personal information, otherwise Tea Breeding will not be able to provide you with the above services, and it may also cause shopping transactions to be unavailable or lose the right to enjoy relevant shopping benefits and participate in activities.

The personal data we collect and store include the following categories:
Contact information (including telephone number, fax number, address, email, paging number, etc.);
education level;
Browse the results, records and cumulative records of interactive content;
Inquiries, suggestions or opinions;
Credit card and shopping bill information (for example: cardholder name, credit card number, credit card expiration date, bank name, bank account number, shopping record.);

We collect your personal data from different sources and keep it for the following purposes:
Verify the identity of the data subject.
Provide shopping services to data subjects (including online, telephone and in-person access).
Check the payment status of the data subject.
Taking into account the latest offers, promotions, lectures and product information of data subjects to assist in the preparation of personalised product and service preferences for data subjects.
Disclose as required by any legally binding agency.

Yang Tea promises not to disclose the data subject's information to third parties for direct marketing, but may provide and disclose the following parties for the use of personal data listed in paragraph 3:
Any third-party service provider related to the operation of the tea-raising business, such as: agents, accountants, consultants, data processing companies, information technology companies, postal companies, and underwriting companies.
Any banking institution, credit card issuer, and any intermediary who processes or processes the payment from the data subject.
Any person or organization performing data security.
According to a court order, a government department or statutory agency must make data transmission and disclosure to a designated person or agency according to the directions or requirements of relevant laws.


3. Website Links
Tea-raising websites may contain links to third-party websites, and this privacy policy applies only to tea-raising. If data subjects browse third-party websites through these links, data subjects should first read the privacy policies of those websites , Raising tea will not be responsible for the terms and rules of third parties.


4. Direct marketing
In accordance with the new direct marketing regulations in Part VIA of the Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance, the use of data subject data for direct marketing requires the consent of the data subject for this purpose. The implementation date is April 2013. On the 1st, please pay attention to the following related revised policies:
With the consent of the data subject, Tea Cultivation will notify the data subject of the latest offers, promotions, lectures, products and services through different contact methods, including investment and wealth management, finance, real estate, computers, telecommunications and electronic products, education, recruitment, and further education , Management, travel, food, beauty, fashion, leisure entertainment, fashion and consumer goods, home, parent-child, pet, health, insurance, culture and arts, sports, environmental protection, charity, charity, books and magazine subscriptions, and related categories of our partners The latest intelligence and news; or invite you to participate in polls. Yangcha or its affiliates and their business partners will have the opportunity to use the mobile phone number, fixed line telephone number, fax number, email address, postal address, and other communication materials of the data subject to inform the data subject of the above information.
If the data subject is unwilling to use their data for promotional purposes by Yangcha or its affiliates and their business partners, the data subject may email to or write to the following address: Ngau Tau Kok Hoi Bun Road Room J2, 8 / F, Wanzhaofeng Center, 133, or call (852) 2790-5336 or fax (852) 2565-8048 to inform the Tea Data Protection Officer during office hours.


5. Personal data security
Tea raising will keep the data of the data subject confidential and will not be obtained or processed by a third party without authorization. The following facilities and measures have been adopted to ensure data security:
Ensuring employees' compliance with personal data security and confidentiality.
If logging into the personal account of the tea raising website, the data subject must enter a custom username and password.
The server of the tea-raising website will update the "firewall" from time to time for protection.


6. Revision of Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may be changed, updated or amended from time to time without prior notice. Please check with the data subject frequently. The latest revision date is March 2017.


7. Personal information acquisition and update
Under the protection of the relevant privacy regulations, data subjects have the right to inquire about the contents of their data and to change any inaccurate and out-of-date information. If you need to query and change your personal information, please go to, click on the modified information to modify after member login, or mail it to the following address: J2, 8th Floor, Wanzhaofeng Center, 133 Haibin Road, Ngau Tau Kok Room, or fax (852) 2565-8048 to inform the tea personal protection officer.

Policy revised in March 2017


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