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Why  Choose Yumthé?

1. The best quality origin

It all started with the rigorous control of the tea area by the founders. Our tea comes from the world's major high-quality tea areas. Pu'er tea comes from the natural tea area of ​​Yunnan Province, above 500 feet above sea level. Our black tea comes from the biologically dynamic tea plantation in Uva, Sri Lanka, and northeast India near Namdapha National Park. These are the world's largest and most protected sources of biodiversity.

2. The most authoritative certification

After three generations, our factory finally succeeded in achieving the standard and was certified organic in 2009, becoming the first organic tea factory in Hong Kong. At the same time Yumthé is proud to be a fair trade partner. Fair trade allows tea farmers to take good care of tea gardens, protect the natural environment, and provide you with the best herbal tea products

3. The most superb tea making

Yumthé's tea tasters have traveled all over the world, collecting hundreds of different natural herbal teas, and carefully formulating various health tea products with different flavors. Yumthé combines Chinese and Western natural functional tea, which combines traditional Chinese tea and western herbs, which will impact your taste buds and bring you health.

4. The most natural ingredients

The quality of tea is not allowed to appear a little impurities. Based on the concept of letting consumers drink natural beauty, Yumthé promises that all ingredients come from natural and organic natural elements


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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