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Return Product

Tea cultivation service is professional and cautious. The order has been reviewed repeatedly before delivery to ensure that the product quality is good, but the long-distance delivery journey may cause the product to pour, deteriorate or be damaged. Therefore, we provide a "14-Day Goods Return Guarantee". If your product is damaged when you receive it, please follow the "Return Product Procedure" to return the product.
Note: Only after we receive your return notification and confirmation, can we return the products that are approved to be returned.
We will arrange to ship the goods again according to the shipping method of your order, and there will be no additional shipping charges. The shipping cost of returned products (up to HK $ 50 in Hong Kong and Macau, up to HK $ 150 in Mainland China and up to HK $ 250 in overseas areas) will be refunded for the next purchase of tea. If the returned goods have been sold out, we will return the refund of the goods to you as originally paid.

Return rules (non-returnable products)
The following conditions or products will not accept return service:

The delivery period of the product has exceeded 14 days.
The product has been opened or used (for example, the packaging tape or box has been torn).
The product has not been properly packaged, damaged, damaged or incomplete.
Any books and bracelets.
Any discount, clearance or sale product that does not accept returns.
Any freebies and trial gifts.
Any product that is not purchased in tea.
In case of any dispute, the final decision of Yangyang Tea shall not be disputed.

Refund policy

Please note that we must check and verify the return before returning or refunding. If it is found that the situation does not meet our return rules, all returns will not be returned or refunded, and Yangcha will not be responsible for returning the goods. At the time of refund, the original order shipping and processing fees will not be returned. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will return the total amount of the goods to you. If you return the product with promotional gifts or special purchase products, you must also return the product, otherwise the refund will not be processed. If the attached gift is not returned, we will deduct the value of the gift or special offer when refunding. The payment for the goods and return shipping charges will be refunded through the Alipay method used when ordering. When using Alipay for settlement, there may be a profit or loss depending on the amount of the exchange difference at the time of settlement and refund, product payment, and return shipping. The resulting profit and loss of exchange differences cannot be refunded to tea raising. In addition, Alipay refund may take about 10 days due to processing procedures.


Return Product Procedure
If you want to return, please follow the following procedures to pack the goods and return them:
Click to contact us and indicate "Return and Exchange". Please tell us the order number and enter the information of the returned product and the reason for the return in the space. After receiving our confirmation email, please properly package the returned product and Attach a copy of this email or delivery note and mail the return to Yangyang Tea: 13th floor, Zhicheng Industrial Building, 16 Hung To Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. All returned products must be paid for return shipping first. Yangyang Tea does not accept the consignee to pay for shipping

Undeliverable order
Some orders may not be accepted due to unknown delivery address, post office box, hotel address, multiple deliveries, the recipient refuses to pay taxes / refuses to provide an ID card / fails to declare the goods or the recipient refuses to accept Parcels and other reasons were returned. When the post company returns the package to us, we will deduct the original freight, handling fee and 25% of the total product as the return order processing fee, and the remaining amount will be processed according to the "refund policy". We can ship the returned package for the customer again, but the customer needs to pay the postage for the reshipment. The postage is ﹕ Hong Kong & Macau (HK $ 50), Mainland China (HK $ 150) and overseas areas (HK $ 250), and press Calculated per package.


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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