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“Health benefits of tea create the ageless legend”.


Yumthé is a Hong Kong based tea maker since 1948. Yumthé redefines tea into an new era with commitment of high quality healthy afternoon teas, detailed craftsmanship, simplicity and groundbreaking innovation.


In 2014, Yumthé has become fairtrade partner, participating in maintaining food safety and fairtrade environment. Yumthé tea-tasters travel thousands of miles every year in search of the best natural herbs and teas made every cup of Yumthé tea unique.


The founder persists in bringing the finest teas...

After the World War II, the tea quality varied in chaotic Hong Kong. However, the founder persists in bringing the finest teas and natural herbaceous plants to customers. Upholding the philosophy of bringing safe and healthy tea to customers, our Hong Kong tea factory was established in 1948.


As time goes by, the founder continued to source the finest healthy herbs and teas across the globe…

Yumthé founded by the third generation from a family who has been manufacturing tea for half century. Yumthé means "Drink Healthy Tea", with the concept that endeavors to discover the best, healthy, and natural cup of tea directly from gardens for tea lovers. Yumthé founder believes in“health benefits of tea create ageless legend”. Therefore, she delves into tea, not only endeavors to combine the Chinese traditional teas with  western herbs, but also to spread the tea health benefits among people.

Passed through three generations, our manufactory has successfully met standard and obtained organic certificate in 2009, which is the first organic tea factory in Hong Kong.


We Feel Proud To Regard Sustainability As Our Business Mission…

Yumthé is proud to be a fairtrade partner, allow tea farmers to take care of the tea plantation well and protect natural environment in order to serve the finest herbal tea products to you.


“Health Benefits of Tea Create Ageless Legend” Yumthé integrates the functional wellness tea with our beautiful lives. Yumthé respects the ecological balance of nature and cares about the environment conservation. Therefore, our factory obtained Fairtrade certificate in 2014.  At the same time, we hope the farmers can lead a good life, so that we persist in using natural, organic and fairtrade herbs and teas. Yumthé devotes to health and food safety, and payseffort to promote the fair consumption. Promoting the natural circle of sustainability has become Yumthé main mission.


When The Yumthé Tea Journey Just Begun…

Today, we uphold founder's philosophy, Yumthé tea-tasters travel thousands of miles every year in search of the best, natural herbs and teas, sampling a variety of tea and herb blends that made every cup of Yumthé teas unique. Yumthé organic functional healthy teas blended Chinese classic teas and western herbs, inspiring people to learn more about the advantages of drinking teas. Yumthé believe tea-tasting should no longer be a distant tradition; it should be a modern lifestyle delivering the important value of health and contribution to society in this bustling world.

Warm the world with Yumthé.

Each Yumthé product redefines the healthy teas and persists in bring you the finest quality teas.


​Free shipping on orders over $200 in Hong Kong!

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